Denver airport “attraction” Blucifer (“Blue Mustang”) serves as a dΓ¦monic symbol of man’s folly.  Colored bright blue, with illuminated glowing red eyes, it is notable both for its striking appearance and for having killed its sculptor, Luis JimΓ©nez, when a section of it fell on him at his studio. We must ask ourselves: good idea, or bad idea? Though one might feel this dilemma to be rather simple to resolve—and that it would occur to *someone* during the coming-into-being/installation process—nonetheless, it exists.

Warriors 2022: Champions Once More.

The Golden State Warriors, after 3 seasons varying from disappointing to dismal, returned to the top of the basketball world, led by the clutch heroics of Steph Curry. In the words of head coach Steve Kerr: “Without him, none of this happens,” Kerr said. “And that’s not taking anything away from Joe and Peter’s ownership, because they’re amazing owners. They’ve built an incredible organization. Bob Myers, hell of a GM. Our players. We’ve had so many great players. But Steph is ultimately why this run has happened. Much like Timmy [Duncan] in San Antonio. I’m happy for everybody, but I’m thrilled for Steph. To me, this is his crowning achievement in what’s already been an incredible career.”

Greek God: Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Milwaukee Bucks have been amply rewarded for selecting Giannis Antetokounmpo with the 15th pick in the 2013 NBA draft. The Greek immediately showed many a skill not associated with 6’11” giants. A veritable Swiss Army knife, he has refined and bolstered his game to the uppermost echelons. After averaging 29.5 ppg in 2019-20, he claimed his second consecutive MVP award as a 25 year old. Oh. He also prevailed as the Defensive Player of the Year. The combo has now been achieved all of 3 times in league history.

American Pie.

1971 was the year everything changed in the music world, as Don McLean’s epic composition American Pie was to shortly ascend to the summit of the charts. The longest song to achieve #1 Billboard status, it was steeped in symbolism and mysterious goings-on that enlarged the canvas for what was felt to be possible in popular music. Oh, and McLean was a formidable vocalist and performer, to boot.

Others have taken a swing at the iconic piece, most notably Madonna in 2000. This version is surprisingly strong, but lacks the sweep and power of the McLean iterations. The song remains a landmark to this day.

It is fair to say that a major theme in the song is the loss of innocence. It is also fair to say that there would appear to be a lot more going on than just that. And, finally, the tone of the song lends it more of a heroic than tragic quality.